While the EPA is an American Organization, we at Ultra-Clean believe that the EPA represents a governing body that provides clear direction and rules regarding how safe chemicals are that enter our homes, our businesses, and our environment. Since a significant number of our products are manufactured in the US, we often refer to the highest ratings that the EPA gives to the products offered to Canadian households as the standards for health, safety and the environment are generally paralleled between countries.

The main focus of the United States government agency, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is the environment and its impact on our health. Founded in 1970, the EPA is best known for creating and enforcing standards related to manufacturing and toxic waste removal and cleanup. However, the EPA has long been a supporter of green building initiatives, and the agency has founded several programs that impact homeowners and businesses who want to “go green”, improve indoor air quality, and reduce or eliminate carcinogens and other toxic chemical exposure.